LU Flames eager to play Kennesaw State following bye week

LU Flames eager to play Kennesaw State following bye week

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - After a week off, the Liberty Flames return to action this Saturday night at home against Kennesaw State.

The bye week came at a good time for the Flames. They had dropped their last two games after starting the season 3-and-0. The LU defense will need to stop a Kennesaw option attack that averages better than 31 points and 440 yards of offense a game.

Turner Gill, SIXTH-YEAR LIBERTY HEAD COACH, said "It seems to be the quite a few people have not been able to get a lot of penetration, to cause maybe bad pitches or cause the mesh point where maybe there will be a fumble here or there. So they're doing a good job executing, again their quarterbacks and running backs are back."

Dia'Vante Brown, FLAMES R-SENIOR DEFENSIVE END, said "We love the challenge of a good offense and we love it even more when we play a team that has a very good offense and a very good defense because we like at that moment have to showcase who we are."

Rion Davis, FLAMES R-SOPHOMORE SAFETY, said "We get the chance to go back and show the world what we're really about and to show that the last two games really don't reflect who we really are."

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