Western Albemarle ends Northside's perfect season 68-64 in OT

Western Albemarle ends Northside's perfect season 68-64 in OT

SALEM, Va. (WSET) - Western Albemarle ended Northside's undefeated season Tuesday night in the state semifinals, beating the Vikings 68-64 in overtime at the Salem Civic Center.

2nd quarter, the Warriors' Chris McGahran with the friendly bounce for three, but Northside's Devon Russell matches with a three of his own, Vikings down 31-30 at the break.

2nd half, Julien Wooden buries the trey to give Northside the lead, then off the Nick Price miss, Wooden there for the monster jam! Wooden had 16, Vikings up with 3 to play.

After Albemarle rallies, Kasey Draper gets the behind-the-back layup, Draper a team high 18, this game went to OT.

In extras, the Warriors too much, sealing it with a big three-point play in the final minute.

Northside suffers its first loss of the year 68-64, the Vikings end a great season 28-and-1.

Bill Pope, NORTHSIDE HEAD COACH (VIKINGS FINISH 28-1), said "Tonight we couldn't quite get it figured out. We came close several times, and trying...everybody gave their best. So proud of my guys, what a special year it's been."

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