Longtime Heritage coach Rich Glover Retiring

Longtime Heritage coach Rich Glover Retiring

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Longtime Heritage High assistant coach Rich Glover is retiring at the end of this school year after 37 seasons with the Pioneers.

He's taught and helped with baseball all 37 years and also coached jv and varsity football, indoor track and jv and varsity girls basketball.

Rich Glover, RETIRING AFTER 37 SEASONS AT HERITAGE, said "I think once baseball season and then I sit down and realize it's over, that's when I'll realize I'm probably going to miss it a lot."

Rich's friends at Heritage will miss HIM a lot, too.

They didn't want to just let him walk away quietly. So they gave me some SURPRISE questions for their buddy.

Dennis - "We've heard that you taught Jesus. Was he a good student and what kind of grade did he receive in your class?"

Glover said "He got an A+, he was a great student."

Dennis - "What do you remember about him?"

Rich - "I don't know, that was a pretty long time ago. So you know those early years are hard to remember." (chuckle)

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