Brookville Volleyball - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Brookville Volleyball - ABC 13 Team of the Week

CAMPBELL CO., Va. (WSET) - Today's ABC 13 Team of the Week is Brookville Volleyball.

The Bees are thriving through a difficult season. After losing their high school gym due to flooding, Brookville has been forced to play all its home games on the road.

Despite the setback, the Bees are a perfect 7-0 and players say they're determined to overcome any and all obstacles.

Morgan Blank, Sr. Outside Hitter, said "It's been super tough since our gym flooded, and we haven't been able to have a home game, or go home and regroup or anything, but I think we're playing very strongly as a team. I'm honestly not surprised that we're winning, because we work hard!"

Gabrielle Hogg, Junior Setter, said "We're all really close, and we've been playing with each other since we've been in diapers, really. That just strengthens us."

Parker Morrison, Soph. Middle Hitter, said "Our main focus is to just lift each other up. And we all look at each other the same. We're all working hard to be at the same place. We're adjusting to where we have to be, we're becoming very strong, and we're getting through it together."

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