Altavista outlasts Chatham 3-2 in Dogwood Volleyball

Altavista outlasts Chatham 3-2 in Dogwood Volleyball 

CHATHAM, Va. (WSET) - In the Dogwood District, the Chatham Cavaliers hosting the Altavista Colonels in Dogwood District volleyball, a match that went the full five sets.

Down a set early, Chatham roars back, Keslee Hylton gets the deflection and the point.

Then it's Taylor Haymore throwing it DOWN! Chatham wins set two, but the Colonels not finished.

Addison Moorman put the ROOF down for the block!

Then off the Charlotte Mabry set, Madeline Tweedy spikes it down the line for the point!

Altavista beats Chatham 3-2 in five tough sets.

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