Kids & Pros Camp Returns To Teach Safer Football Techniques

A camper cuts between cones at the "Kids & Pros" camp at E.C. Glass High School, which teaches football fundamentals, and safer blocking and tackling techniques. (Photo: Dave Walls/WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - For the 6th time, the "Kids & Pros" camp is in Lynchburg, and former NFL All-Pro linebacker Buddy Curry says they're on a mission to make football safer. "We're challenging coaches to think about why they coach the game, and make it so these kids can love to compete." says Curry.

The camp, which is free to kids age 7-13, teaches "Heads Up" techniques to help remove the head from how a football player tackles and blocks. On Monday night, Super Bowl Champ and former Washington Redskin "Hog" Joe Jacoby was on hand, teaching the basics of blocking and stances, and says he still gets a thrill out of teaching the next generation, saying "It's important to get out and hopefully start them young enough on the right path, you know, and I enjoy being around this. Football is still a very big passion for me."

The camp continues Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this week at E.C. Glass, and returns to Danville July 20-22nd. For more information on Kids and Pros, head to .

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