Joey Logano looking for bounce-back 2018 season

Joey Logano looking for bounce-back 2018 season

CHARLOTTE, NC (WSET) - One of NASCAR's biggest surprises last year, in a bad way, had to be Joey Logano.

After nearly winning the championship in 2016, Logano failed to make the playoffs in 2017.

Rather than calling it a struggle, Logano views last year as a good learning experience. He's as eager as anyone to get this new season rollin'.

Joey Logano, MISSED PLAYOFFS IN 2017, said "You know we know we're a championship team. We know we might have made the playoffs last year but we also know the year before we finished second in points. So we're very close to being able to make this happen and the confidence is still very high in our race team that we can do that."

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