Former VT star Logan Thomas making NFL transition to tight end

Former VT star Logan Thomas making NFL transition to tight end

BUFFALO, NY (WSET) - Former Virginia Tech star Logan Thomas is making the NFL transition from quarterback to tight end, a position he played a short time at Brookville before moving to quarterback his sophomore year.

Number 82 with the Buffalo Bills, the father of four boys ages 9, 8, 7 and 1, is a big athletic target at 6-6, 250 pounds for his one-time Virginia Tech teammate Tyrod Taylor.

Thomas says the transition so far has been up and down.

Logan Thomas, BUFFALO BILLS TIGHT END, said "It's kind of like anything, you start something new, you're going to have your ups and you're going to have your downs. But when you have those downs, you learn from them and keep on moving forward."

Tyrod Taylor, BUFFALO BILLS QUARTERBACK, said "Of course the change at this level is hard for anyone but he's taking it with the right attitude and coming out and competing each and every day."

Logan Thomas said "You know I came into a new place obviously but I come into a new place with people you know, people you trust, people you understand. And you know if I keep progressing, hopefully I get a chance to do that again some day."

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