Forest teenager to represent USA in world competition

Forest teenager to represent USA in world competition

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - 15-year-old gymnast Trevor Harder of Forest is busy training for international competition next month in Bulgaria.

Harder has amazing "jump out of the gym" skills on the trampoline. In fact, he trains in Kernersville, North Carolina during the week at a gym tall enough to accommodate his jumping.

Harder is one of four chosen to represent the USA in the double-mini trampoline.

He does on-line schooling. Harder admits he misses his friends at school, but says it's one of the sacrifices he has to make to chase his Olympic dream.

Trevor Harder, WILL REPRESENT USA IN WORLD COMPETITION, said "It's not all about just serious, you've got to have some fun. Without fun, I probably wouldn't be doing this. I mean I love competing, I love seeing everyone, but I love having fun. I love jumping on the trampoline and running really fast going up to the trampoline and all my friends like in the background just cheering me on."

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