CSU introduces Jeff Barber as new A.D.

CSU introduces Jeff Barber as new A.D.

CHARLESTON, SC (WSET) - On the same day Liberty was announcing its conference move, one-time Flames athletic director Jeff Barber was being introduced Thursday as Charleston Southern's new A.D.

Barber, who left LU in November of 2016 after nearly 11 years, is eager for the new challenge, saying he has a heart for building things.

Jeff Barber, CHARLESTON SOUTHERN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR, said "Even when you have nice things, when everything is super, super nice, I'll be honest with you. This may sound crazy and you may think I'm nuts, but I'm not as comfortable in that environment. I'm comfortable in an environment where I have to fight, where I really have to put up my sleeves and really just work hard. I just enjoy that because I feel like there's great satisfaction in changing things."

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