Burton cousins Jeb and Harrison prepare to race each other for 1st time

Jeb Burton (right) takes his helmet off after NASCAR Truck Series practice on Friday. (Photo: Dave Walls/WSET)

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WSET) - There will be a familiar last name on the track at Martinsville Speedway on Saturday for NASCAR's Camping World Truck Series race.


However, instead of Jeff and Ward, it'll be their two sons, cousins Jeb and Harrison Burton, who'll race each other for the first time in Saturday's Texas Roadhouse 200.

The two have never faced each other in NASCAR, but both are incredibly competitive, having watched their fathers race for years during their younger days. While there is plenty of respect, the two both said Friday that they'd do each other no favors. According to Jeb, "You know, I came here to run Top 5 or win the race. That's the only reason we came and made this deal. I feel like I have a little advantage here."

17-year old Harrison placed 13th at Martinsville in the spring Alpha Energy Solutions 250, and says he'ls looking to improve, and isn't afraid to take Jeb head on. With that said, Harrison added a disclaimer, saying "It's not like I'm just going to get to Jeb and punt him out of the way. That would be an awkward Thanksgiving's going to be just like anyone else. And I think Jeb has the same mindset going into it, and it should be fun."

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