Area runner Steve Bozeman welcomes tough challenges

Area runner Steve Bozeman welcomes tough challenges

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - To one day complete a 26.2 mile marathon is a goal of a lot of runners.

And then there's Lynchburg's Steve Bozeman, who's taken the sport to the extreme.

Steve Bozeman said - "I love it, it's a challenge. It's not easy."

Steve Bozeman says he's run some 300 marathons in his life. He holds the American record for finishing 16 Double Ironman Triathlons.

That's a 5-mile swim, 224-mile bike ride and a 52-mile run. Bozeman's done that 16 times, the most recent at age 66.

Bozeman said "I could probably do one more if I really wanted to, but I don't. It takes too long."

Now 71 and still running strong, this Marine vet was awarded two Purple Hearts in Vietnam in 1967. He's run 41 straight Virginia 10 Milers, his favorite race.

Bozeman said "I would like to think I could make 80-something years old and still toe the line at the Virginia 10 Miler and finish it."

Bozeman leads the Running Color Guard. He's always proudly carrying his country's stars and stripes the entire way.

Bozeman said "That American flag, when I'm holding that, I've got strength in me that I just can't describe. And that's gonna make me get to that finish line."

How long are you going to run?

Bozeman said "Til the day I die. Yea that's my motto, I'm gonna do it. I can do it. And I hope they bury me with my running shoes on and my dress blues."

For the last 16 years plus, Steve and others have gathered at Monument Terrace in Lynchburg every Friday from noon 'til 1 to show support for our troops and their families.

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