87-year-old loves playing softball with the "young pups"

87-year-old loves playing softball with the "young pups"

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - One of the many seniors programs Lynchburg Parks & Recreation offers is softball, twice a week at Peaks View Park.

"Good boys, c'mon pick me up"

Every Wednesday and Friday, Al Morazes is out playing ball with the boys, and lovin' every minute!

Al Morazes, FIFTY-PLUS SOFTBALL LEAGUE PLAYER, said "I've been playing when I was a little kid and right now, and hopefully I can continue."

DENNIS - Now 87, Al has played in the Fifty-Plus League in Lynchburg every year since moving here from Connecticut in 2004.

"Good play, good play boys."

Al Morazes said "I love all these people, they're all my friends, I hope."

He admits he's slowing down some, but who cares! Look at the fun he's having!

"I just don't run anymore, I can still hit the ball decent, and I can pitch the ball. And I hit the heck out of it!"

Yes you can, Al. And everybody loves having you out on the field all the time, except maybe your wife.

Al Morazes said "She always hollers at me for playing ball all the time, not because she's mad...just because! But she's good, she's very good."

Al, you're a smart man complimenting your wife there at the end. Good thinking if you want to CONTINUE playing ball twice a week!

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