Harrington, Spradlin win Commonwealth Games 5K Titles

Harrington, Spradlin win Commonwealth Games 5K Titles

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - The Virginia Commonwealth Games Main Games Weekend is next weekend, but there's plenty happening today and tomorrow.

The 5K Race got things started. 170 runners, a nice increase from last year, breaking from the start/finish line at LU's Vines Center. And we had an exciting finish.

A dead-out sprint between defending champ Jeff Harrington of Lynchburg and 16-year-old Dillon Nelson of Louisa County. Harrington takes first by just one second over Nelson. And how about Ed Lane, co-host of "The Sports Line" radio show, finishing third.

Longwood basketball player and former Lord Botetourt standout Kate Spradlin won the women's title with Lynchburg's Carrie Beaumont taking second place. Diana Johnson of Charleston, West Virginia finished third.

Jeff Harrington, 5K OVERALL CHAMPION (WINNING TIME 18:05), said "We kind of went back-and-forth the last 200 meters and thankfully my legs are just an inch or two longer. So I got him."

Dillon Nelson, SECOND-PLACE FINISHER (LOUISA CO. HIGH RUNNER), said "He had a pretty good kick at the end. I don't know, long legs."

Kate Spradlin, WOMEN'S CHAMPION (WINNING TIME 23:02), said "I mean I haven't run a 5K in a while so I really wasn't knowing what to expect from myself. But I just starting cruising and just kept going."

Ed Lane, THIRD-PLACE OVERALL FINISHER (18:28), said "To finish third against some other really talented runners who were right behind me and in other races that have finished ahead of me, it's quite an honor."

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