Elon family claims several lost photos from Sheriff's Office after the tornado

pics found.JPG

AMHERST COUNTY, Va. (WSET) -- Many Elon families are faced with lost or damaged homes after the April tornado, and along with them, treasured family pictures dating back generations.

After the Amherst County Sheriff's Office posted they had collected dozens of photos and other items, a family claimed several of them.

Mike Cooper went there to pick them up on a bright, Thursday afternoon.

ABC 13 spoke with him and his son, Zac, just days after they lost nearly everything. Cooper said he's thankful the items were found.

"I'm sure everybody else would like to have their pictures back to them, because of how much they mean, and I know that we really enjoy getting our pictures back and we want to thank everybody for getting those to us," he said.

If anyone has found pictures or other mementos from the tornado, you can take them to the Sheriff's Office.

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