Southside plans viewing party for Solar Eclipse

Danville Science Center is hosting a viewing party for the Solar Eclipse.

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) - In ten days, you can see the solar eclipse any where in the United States!

On the Southside, the science center is actually having a watch party for the eclipse.

"I haven't seen one in my lifetime," Danville resident Trevor Nazarek says.

"This is the first eclipse in about 99 years to actually transverse the country," the science center's education coordinator Brian Buchanan says. That means it will be able to be seen partially or in its totality throughout the whole country.

"I have friends that are going up to the mountains," Danville resident Kaylie Evans says. "They're excited to view it so it's supposed to be really cool and rare too!"

In Danville you will be a partial eclipse, at 91 percent.

"It will reach maximum point at about 2:43," Buchanan explains.

The science center is planning a viewing party, but since it's expected in the middle of the day, not everyone can make it.

Lucas Conkle says he's a science teacher and although his kids won't be in school just yet, "That would be a great first day opportunity to talk about that and kind of get them engaged and see how many were active and involved in that."

People say it's an opportunity everyone can learn from.

"I'm just excited to see it and experience it," says Evans.

For more information on the science center's event, CLICK HERE.

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