Science center issues warning against fake solar eclipse glasses

If you plan to watch the solar eclipse, you'll need to wear protective glasses.

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- If you plan to watch the solar eclipse in 10 days, you need to protect your eyes, but a word of warning, there are reports of protective glasses that are fake and don't meet the standards.

When buying these glasses, experts don't want you to be blinded by the good deals that scammers are putting out there.

"So as you can imagine, the demand for safe, solar viewing equipment is very high right now," said Adam Goebel, with the Danville Science Center.

The reports said it can be tough to spot the difference between the fakes and real ones because some are incorrectly labeled.

Goebel said to be safe, you want to make sure your glasses don't just have a logo, but also that it conforms to and meets transmission requirements.

If you have the proper glasses the sun will look like sunglasses.

"If you see normal light just in other settings, then chances are they do not meet the necessary requirements," Goebel said.

It's a big red flag, because if you don't have the proper glasses to watch the solar eclipse, "any time that you look directly at the sun it can cause irreparable and permanent damage to your eyes," Goebel said.

The Danville Science Center said true solar eclipse glasses won't allow you to see anything, unless you look up at the sun.

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