Photographing the Solar Eclipse


LYNCHBURG, Va (WSET) -- The Great American Eclipse is being billed as a "Once in a lifetime" event.

So, you'll obviously you want to capture it and what better way to do that than with a picture.

We spoke with Robert Wheeler, the owner of Lynchburg Photoworks. He said "Your phone or your camera or whatever device your using to capture isn't going to be damaged by taking a picture, or videoing the eclipse for that matter, um what is going to be problematic is what that image is going to look like."

First things first, the most common method of taking a picture today is with your phone... That may not be the best way for this event.

According to Wheeler, "You're going to be less likely to get a good shot with your cell phone than with a SLR... You could capture with just your cell phone, but the end result isn't going to look anywhere near as good as it could"

Wheeler suggests getting a shot with an actual camera.

And even just having that camera, isn't enough.

You'll also need something to lower the amount of light coming in.

Think of it as solar eclipse glasses for the camera.

But, Wheeler says his best piece of advice is to just... "Have fun! right, so go out, get the pictures.. make sure you're staying safe. Make sure you have those glasses on."

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