Ohio man lets internet control his home's Christmas lights

Christmas lights, Photo Date: December 20, 2014 (MGN).

What a bright idea! An Ohio man has come up with a way to let complete strangers program his home's holiday light show from anywhere around the world!

Tom Hammond has been working on the programming and hardware for several years, according to ABC News.

It uses simple hardware that Hammond says is easily and affordable. It can be programmed by anyone from anywhere and viewed online.

"The website actually shows where everybody is coming from and I have had people from France and Denver, Colorado, and China and Russia, the Netherlands," explained Hammond. "The first day I tried this I put one little message on Facebook and I had 800 people changing the lights in one evening which is a little bit crazy but it was a lot of fun."

The light show can be programmed between 5 p.m. and midnight every day until January 7th.

If you want to get in on the Christmas magic, CLICK HERE!

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