Hunter tags possible record-breaking buck

    An Illinois hunter tagged what may be a record-breaking buck with as many as 51 scorable points. (Courtesy: Illinois Department of Natural Resources)<p>{/p}

    A hunter in Illinois tagged one of the largest bucks ever shot in the country.

    The Illinois Department of Natural Resources said Keith Szablewski shot the buck during the first week of shotgun season.

    "I was just sitting there and I heard the deer behind me," Szablewski told local media. "When I walked up to him, I looked at it and thought, 'What a blessing,'"

    The buck was estimated to be between seven to nine years old, weighing around 265 pounds with as many as 51 scorable points.

    "I have a John Deere and getting that deer in the gator was a fight," he said.

    Per USA Today, the current record is a 47-point buck shot in Gallatin, Tennessee.

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