Wisconsin family flies to Disney World despite Hurricane Irma

Wisconsin family flies to Disneyworld despite Hurricane Irma (Photo: CNN Newsource)

MILWAUKEE, WI. (WSET) -- What do you do if you've had a vacation to Disney World booked for a year and come the day you're set to leave there's a monster hurricane bearing down on Florida?

If you're the Frank family from Wisconsin, you don your Mickey Mouse ears and catch your flight!

"We're definitely a little nervous, we've never been through something like this before, but we know people down in the area and they've been -- they've been through Matthew last year. They said it was a lot of strong winds but it wasn't too bad inland," David Frank, the father, said to WISN.

The family said they're heading to the park right after they land to get as much magic kingdom time as possible.

"We've been doing a lot of kind of research and talking to people who live in the area and we know a lot of people are actually going to Disney World to shelter, so we've been on the phone with Disney quite a bit over the last couple days and they're reassuring us, as much as they can," said mom, Kelly Frank.

Disney announced it would close early on Saturday and reopen Tuesday at the earliest.

"Sunday and maybe Monday are the days we lose but it's going to be a nine or ten day vacation so we're.. we didn't have the option to push it back unfortunately. This is the week we had," David added.

The resort hotels will remain open.

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