Teen firefighter asks for t-shirts to wear during battle with cancer

Timothy Richardson in the hospital with various t-shirts he's gotten from fire departments (Photo: Timmy Richardson, Timmy's Battle)

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WSET) - A New York teen firefighter battling cancer is calling on fire departments to help while he's in the hospital.

According to a Facebook page chronicling his journey, Timmy's Battle, Timmy Richardson became sick and was admitted to the hospital on February 28.

He was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia on March 1, according to a post on the page.

Timmy is part of the Hy-View fire company's explorer program and wants to be a firefighter, according to that Facebook page.

Now, he wants to be able to wear a different fire company's shirt every day he's in the hospital.

Several fire departments in New York, including the Buffalo Fire Department and Niagara Falls Uniformed Fire Fighters Association - Local 714, have already donated shirts and patches.

Timmy wears a size XL in men's t-shirts.

The Salem VA Fire and EMS Department tweeted Friday saying a shirt was in the mail, and they were happy to help "a fellow public servant."

Any fire department wanting to send a patch or shirt to Timmy Richardson can send it to the following address:

Timothy Richardson
John R. Oishei Children's Hospital
818 Ellicott St.
Buffalo NY 14203
ROOM 1210
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