Rescue efforts begin for 500 people trapped by flood at West Virginia mall

Viewer photo shows were rushing waters washed away a bridge connecting to a road that goes to Elkview Crossings Mall, stranding 500 people. Rescue efforts have started to help the people leave the mall. (Laura Gunnoe Photo)

ELKVIEW, WV (WCHS/WVAH) Emergency officials are starting efforts Friday to rescue 500 people who were trapped at an Elkview shopping center after rushing waters washed away a bridge.

The bridge that washed away had connected the main road to the Elkview Crossings Mall.

Rescue workers had been waiting for the water to go down before they could attempt to get anyone.

There is a La Quinta hotel at the plaza that at one point was completely booked. Restaurants at the mall also had offered to provide a place for people to stay.

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