Police searching for woman accused of abandoning two-year-old at supermarket

Police said a mother abandoned her two-year-old daughter at a supermarket in California (Photo: CNN Newsource)

RIVERSIDE, Ca. (WSET) -- Riverside police in California are searching for a woman who they say intentionally abandoned her child at a grocery store.

On Sunday, police said they found the two-year-old child in the Food 4 Less store around 6 p.m., abandoned.

Police said Chiengkham Vilaysane entered the store with the child by her side, but while in the store, the child wandered off and Vilaysane never went to look for her and continued shopping.

When the mother was shopping, police said another person in the store brought the child to the mother and she responded, “oh just leave her" and then left the store after paying for the groceries without taking the child with her.

Police said it appears the toddler was intentionally left in the store by the mother.

They said the child was able to identify the woman as her “mommy” when she was shown a photo from the surveillance footage.

"It's sad, it's heartbreaking because I don't see how any human could abandon their child. That's like a human being," said Colby Dee Mattsson, an employee at the store.

The little girl is now with child protective services.

Police said her mother might also go by the name of "Cindy."

Authorities said the child has not been reported missing.

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