Felony complaint says N.Y. man was raping girl when she was killed

Felony complaint says Norwich man was raping girl when she was killed

NORWICH, N.Y. — A felony complaint against the man accused of killing an 11-year-old girl in Norwich, N.Y. says he was raping her at the time.

Thirty-six-year-old James Brower was arrested on a first-degree murder charge for the death of 11-year-old Jacelyn O'Connor, of Morris, earlier this week. A copy of the felony complaint obtained by CNYCentral says Brower "did kill Jacelyn D. O'Connor, in the course and commission of rape in the first degree."

The DA's office says Brower's two sons were O'Connor's half-brothers.

Brower appeared in Chenango County Court Thursday morning. During Thursday's court appearance, Brower was ordered held without bail. He's due back for a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

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O'Connor's custodial mother and about a dozen other family members were also in attendance during the court appearance, as well as the family's minister from the Chenango Christian Church. The minister says a memorial service for O'Connor's family will be held Friday.

The Morris Central School district put a statement on its Facebook page Tuesday afternoon saying a candlelight vigil is planned for August 7 at 7 p.m.

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