Dog recovering from skin cancer, "I just didn't think about it"

(Photo: CNN Newsource)

PHOENIX, Ariz. (WSET) -- Dog owners, it might not be as safe as you thought, letting your pup bask in the sun for too long.

You may not know this, but dogs can get skin cancer.

It's tough to see, but looking is what Debra Wood-LaFave hopes pet owners start doing more often.

Debra works at an animal care and control center in Phoenix, but she's also fostering a dog named Vic.

Vic has short fur and a bare belly and, unfortunately, is the perfect candidate to get skin cancer.

"I have never heard of it either! I mean, I just didn't think about it," Debra said.

Veterinarians said any dog with a prolonged exposure to the sun is at risk and as much as your pet loves to sunbathe, don't let them lounge too long.

"So, really make friends with your dog; spend lots of time brushing your hands through the coat once a week; make it a point to kind of do a little pet self exam; make sure there's no lumps or bumps that are concerning anybody and that we need to get looked at," said Dr. Leo Egar.

Thankfully, Vic is going to survive.

He's now at the shelter, looking to go home with someone, but will still have to be monitored because his cancer could return.

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