17 alleged MS-13 gang members indicted after multi-state investigation

Indictments are handed out for 17 alleged members of the MS-13 gang (CNN Newsource)

NEW YORK, N.Y. (WSET) -- Authorities in New York have indicted nearly 20 alleged members of the MS-13 gang, including murder charges for two men who are accused of murdering a teenager in New York.

Bedford Commonwealth's Attorney Wes Nance was also on hand at the press conference where the indictments were announced.

He said the the charges were the direct result of months of cooperation and information sharing among numerous agencies including the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Virginia State Police, and the Lynchburg Police Department.

It also continued to benefit the ongoing investigation into the murder of Raymond Wood by alleged MS-13 gang members.

"We are thankful for the unending dedication shown by these agencies to eliminate the threat that this criminal organization poses to our country," they wrote on Facebook.

17 alleged MS-13 gang members and associates have been indicted on murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and drug trafficking charges.

It's a result of a seven month investigation that spanned from Long Island, to New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, and overseas.

One of the indictments include murder charges against David Sosa-Guevara and Victor Lopez, who are accused of luring 16-year-old Angel Soler into the woods and killing him with a machete and then burying him in concrete.

"The MS-13 members kill for no reason, they take people's lives for no reason, they impact the family and community for nothing other than proof that they're violent so they can gain status in the gang," said Geraldine Hart with the FBI Long Island Gang Task Force.

Authorities said wiretaps helped them gather information that prevented at least three other murders and brought new information about just how organized the international gang is.

"This is one of the biggest takedowns we've had in this office certainly, but more importantly this investigation has given us information we didn't have before. The investigation definitely revealed that MS-13 has expanded it's reach internationally," said Madeline Singas, the Nassau District Attorney.

The 17 defendants face up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted on the top charges, prosecutors said.

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