"Your wife is HOT," speculation over billboards' message heats up

The "Your wife is HOT" billboard along Route 29 South in Amherst County (Caren Pinto/WSET)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - There are two new billboards in our area you may have seen.

One is in Amherst County as you head into Lynchburg on Route 29 South, and the other is on Route 221.

The message?

Simply, "your wife is hot."

But, what does it mean?

"Maybe a swimming pool, gym?" Jimmy Cundiff said.

The billboard on Route 221 is right next to Jack's Tire Company.

Emily Higgins and Jack Nassar own the shop, and they say they've seen plenty of customers coming in.

"Everybody is in love with it, everybody talks about it," they said.

McBride Signs rents the billboard space.

They say the company behind the billboards wants to stay anonymous because the slogan is part of a larger marketing campaign.

That campaign seems to be working.

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