Wounded warriors hit the slopes with their families at Wintergreen Resort

More than 20 injured veterans and active-duty military members and their families attended the 14th annual Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Wounded Warrior Weekend at Wintergreen Resort. (WSET)

WINTERGREEN, Va. (WSET) -- Veterans and active-duty military members at Wintergreen Resort were breaking barriers during the 14th annual Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Wounded Warrior weekend.

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports helped 23 wounded warriors and their families enjoy a day shredding the slopes in their own way Saturday and Sunday.

Volunteer instructors assisted each person and helped them get down the slopes using various equipment such as bi-skis, outriggers and tethers.

“I love the skiing," Marine Corps. Veteran Glenn McClary said. "I’ve been skiing for about nine years.”

McClary is from Jacksonville, North Carolina and this was his second time coming to the Wintergreens Adaptive Sports Wounded Warrior Weekend.

“I am a left above the knee amputee," McClary said. It will be 12 years on May 16th since his operation.

"I went in for total knee replacement; complications two years later," he said. "I had to have it amputated, [but] I’ve been running ever since.”

McClary skis using a bi-ski. He said he is getting ready for a big ski trip coming up in March at Snowmass in Aspen, Colorado.

“I started off four-tracking then the next year I went to mono-skiing and now I’m doing bi-skis because it’s less strain on my rotator cuff,” McClary said.

Matt Staton is a Wounded Warrior, but also volunteers with Wintergreen Adaptive Sports.

He was shot six times in Balad, Iraq in 2004 and spent 120 days learning how to walk again. He said he volunteers to be an inspiration to others.

“I’m here giving back, showing these warriors that what we go through is just a blip in our life," Staton said. "What you can be known for is your abilities and showing them no matter how catastrophic the illness or the wound, you can come back out here. You can give back.”

The entire weekend was free for all of the warriors and their families. The lodging, lessons and equipment was all free due to Wintergreen Adaptive Sports fundraising efforts and donations from the community.

“Awesome program, especially when they let you invite your family members, friends and your [service] dog," McClary said.

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports offers lessons for people living with disabilities in the morning and afternoon seven days a week until March.

You can find out more on their website here.

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