Lynchburg woman speaks out about depression on national TV

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LYNCHBURG, VA (WSET)-- A woman who is suing the Lynchburg Fire Department for discrimination will be on national TV Tuesday night. She will address her battle with depression, that she claims happened because of what happened to her when she worked for LFD. Ruth Anne Phillips worked for the department from 2013-2015. She claims she is the victim of sexual and age discrimination.

Tuesday on the Lifetime network's "This Time Next Year" she will talk about her struggle with depression, which according to her, ties back to her fire department days.

Phillips, who currently lives in Arkansas, will show the highs and lows of her battle, and claims people made her feel worthless while she was in the fire department. Her walk away message is hope for anyone who is struggling.

"I think that you should reach out and there are people who are out there and will grab your hand and will elevate you, and I was lucky enough to have that happen to me," Phillips said.

We did reach out to the Lynchburg City Attorney, who provides legal services to city departments. He said since he has not seen the episode, there is no comment, and the city doesn't comment with ongoing cases. Phillips has no confidentiality agreement with the City. Her case is scheduled for trial in federal court in March.

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