Wintergreen Resort skiers ring in the new year in extremely cold temperatures


NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WSET) -- Nothing could stop skiers from hitting the slopes at Wintergreen Resort to ring in the new year, even in extremely cold temperatures.

"I fell a lot, it hurt, but I thought it was pretty fun," said one young, tough skier named Mason Holzer, who came with his family from North Carolina.

"It's not really that cold when you're on the slopes, but whenever you get on the ski lifts, the wind is pretty cold," he said.

Others were more than happy to watch the fun from a distance.

"Mom is sitting by this toasty fire, just watching everyone, and drinking hot chocolate and hot tea," said Patti Holzer, Mason's mom.

"But it's beautiful. Beautiful sunset today, and we had a really great time," said his dad, Chris.

All the fun lasted after the sun went down, with a wind chill in the single digits.

"The snowboarding and skiing is just amazing and everything, so people should come up. It's really fun," said Wyatt Shreves, who came from Ivy, Virginia.

"We have a lot of departures, but also a lot of new arrivals. Overall, just a great winter day," said Todd Clarke, the director of Ski and Recreation Services for Wintergreen Resort.

Clarke said, between all the tickets sold and pass holders, more than 2,000 skiers came out.

"Compared to last December, we've actually had a pretty nice upswing this particular holiday season," he said.

The near future may be cold, but staff members said that's warm, welcoming news for them.

"We've had a remarkable start to it, cold continuing into the foreseeable future, so truly, when you're a winter destination, that's really a remarkable sign," said Clarke.

Ski season just started at the resort in December. Folks will hit the slopes all the way until March.

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