Winter storm, heavy snow likely this weekend


    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Well, it's looking more like a snowy weekend in our area.

    Chief Meteorologist George Flickinger says a winter storm with heavy snow is likely for Lynchburg area, Southside, and Roanoke.

    If you have travel plans for Sunday or Monday, you might want to make sure you're there before Saturday.

    If you have a flight on Sunday from Roanoke, Charlotte, Raleigh, or Lynchburg -- see if you can rebook it.

    The forecast amounts could change, but the way the weather impacts traveling will not.

    The snow is forecasted to begin either Saturday night or Sunday morning, but once it begins you should be prepared for possibly more than 24 hours of snowfall.

    Snow could possibly fall all day Sunday and linger until lunchtime Monday.

    We're looking at six to 12 inches, but could see a west to east 'stripe' of 12 to 18 inches of snow, meaning six to 18 inches will be most common across our viewing area.

    Mountainous areas could see two feet of snow.

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