Wife looking for answers 16 years after husband's death

Ellen Beasley holds a picture of her late husband, Greg Beasley (WSET)

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- Ellen Hope Beasley says her late husband James Gregory Beasley, or “Greg” as she refers to him, was a good man and good father to their six kids.

"I've never come across anyone else as kind-hearted, and loving, and caring,” she said.

When she saw James Hooper III's mugshot in association with the death of Jacob Robertson in Blairs on Tuesday, she said it was all too familiar.

"I've been crying, I've been upset, extremely upset,” she said.

She said Hooper and another man shot and killed her husband back in 2002. Greg Beasley's brother was with him that night in October and according to a search warrant affidavit, he told police he saw Hooper shoot his brother.

Court documents from the Caswell County General District Court reveal Hooper was charged with the first degree murder of Beasley in 2003, but a judge dismissed the charges and Hooper entered an Alford plea for common law robbery.

ABC13 reached out to the Caswell County District Attorney as well as other attorneys involved in the case 16 years ago to learn more about the plea, but hasn't been able to reach anyone.

Ellen Beasley said she hurts for Jacob Robertson's family and hopes Hooper's trial will give them peace of mind.

"Now there's another widow, another child without a father, and a man dead for nothing...again," she said. "Even though it won't bring Greg back or Jacob back, it'll give this family some closure."

Again, Hooper was not convicted with the murder of Greg Beasley. His preliminary hearing for the shooting death of Jacob Robertson is scheduled for February 12th.

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