What you're doing wrong on Black Friday

Shoppers crowded Victoria's Secret Pink on Black Friday. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- The lines, the crowds and the deals! The biggest shopping day of the year is just days away and many shoppers are ready to tackle it all.

"Ah! I love Black Friday," Janice Adams said. "I've already made my list out and everything."

Before you grab your wallet, Better Business Bureau of Western Virginia President, Julie Wheeler, said there are five big mistakes that you could be making on Black Friday.

"I think sometimes we get caught up in the emotion of Black Friday and deals and let's go!" Wheeler said. "We run right out, we don't do our homework or set any guidelines for ourselves and we make poor choices."

So, what are the best tips to get the most out of your shopping experience?

First, just like Santa, Wheeler says you need to be making a list, and checking it twice, before you head out.

When you're making the list you should include a budget - many shoppers said they set a budget in their head, but just don't follow through.

That is the second biggest mistake, according to the BBB.

"You want to say I'm spending X number of dollars, when that is spent, I'm heading home. Because if you don't you are going to run up credit card bills, maybe spend money you need for your normal expenses," Wheeler said. "And then you are going to make what is supposed to be a wonderful time of year a miserable time of year."

Next, that extra 20-percent off, if you open a store credit card, can be tempting.

But experts say don’t do it. That’s the third biggest Black Friday mistake.

The fourth biggest mistake is not using price comparison apps, and many shoppers don't even know they exist.

"You're at XYZ store and this is the price, you enter it online with these apps and it says 'oh no, no, no! You can get it down the street for $10 less,'" Wheeler said.

You can get those apps, like ShopSavvy and BuyVia, on any smart phone.

Finally, people get so caught up on Black Friday they forget about Cyber Monday. The BBB said that's a big mistake because the second biggest shopping day of the year often has the best deals on tech items. Reader's Digest put together the list of 12 Cyber Monday deals you need to know about.

Happy shopping!

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