What do you hear? The internet debate: Yanny Vs. Laurel

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Yanny or Laurel? An audio recording has friends, family, and even co-workers questioning each other's hearing.

Most believe they are hearing it crystal clear.

Dr. Kara Martin, and Dr. Danny Gnewikow, audiologists at Audiology Hearing Aid Associates, said there are many things that can change perception if you are hearing yanny or laurel.

"I doubt that it's related to differences in age," said Dr. Gnewikow.

They said it could be how the vocal track is made, a male or female speaker, and what kind of recording it is.

"Also what we're listening on, whether it's on the speakers or headphones," added Dr. Martin.

It doesn't surprise them that people are hearing something different.

Dr. Gnewikow said it may be more about the way we process the word.

"I would lean more towards something in the central auditory system the way we process," said Dr. Gnewikow.

“What everyone's excited about here is the fact that we're all hearing this differently, and it doesn't feel ambiguous. Depending on their ears or hearing strategy, or the quality of the equipment they’re listening through, different people are being more influenced more by lower or higher frequency information”. explained Abby Walker, a linguist, an assistant Professor, and co-director of the Speech Lab at Virginia Tech.

Vote in a poll here on what you hear.

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