'We're almost there, son': Raymond Wood's mother discusses the road to justice

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- For Marj Stagno, the road to justice is long and painful. "I'm still grieving, because our family circle has been broken," she said.

Three alleged MS-13 gang members were arrested after her son, Raymond Wood, was found dead on Roaring Run Road in Bedford County in March. According to the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, two more were arrested.

"It's bittersweet for me, because I still don't have my son, but I feel they're moving in the right direction," said Stagno.

Stagno credited the Bedford County authorities and other law enforcement agencies for their roles in the arrests. No one has confirmed a motive yet.

She leans on the support of family, friends and co-workers, who held a party in June for Raymond on what would have been his 18th birthday.

"We also have been supporting her through prayers and also trying to uplift her anyway we can," said co-worker Anna Rogers.

"She's handled it like a pro, she's an all star, she's one of the best women I've ever met, and she deserves peace and rest," said another co-worker, Allison Walker.

Just as important as getting justice is remembering Stagno's son, Raymond, who she said had a big heart and big dreams. He wanted to become a Marine.

"He knew that he would get the education and get the medical coverage, so that he could take care of me," she said.

Hanging in her car is picture of the child who always wanted his own cupcake. "And then, on the back of it is my favorite picture of me and him, because we were matching," she said.

The words, "I love you, mom," are written on that side. "Those were the last words he actually said to me that afternoon," said Stagno.

She said he's still with her and her other son, Michael, in spirit, and when she visits the spot where his life was taken.

"It's my way of speaking to him, to let him know, 'We're almost there, son.'"

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