Wells Fargo customers impacted by fraudulent Amazon charges, 'ranging from $14 up to $61'

A Wells Fargo sign is shown at a branch in New York. (AP)

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- Wells Fargo Bank is working with customers in Virginia who may have noticed fraudulent Amazon charges on their bank statement.

Aemee Garner, who lives in Campbell County, said she's counted at least 30 fraudulent Amazon charges since May.

"It was literally ranging from $14 up to $61," she said. "It could definitely add up to hundreds at this point."

Garner said she first reached out to Amazon to determine where the charges were stemming from and they found that there were other accounts linked to her card number.

Amazon told her there wasn't much they could do, so Garner cancelled her Wells Fargo debit card and ordered a new one, but says an Amazon account is still trying to use her old debit card number.

"This was [Wednesday] and it literally comes up like once or twice a day," she said.

A Wells Fargo spokesperson confirmed this is happening to several customers across the state, but couldn't say exactly how many.

"This is not a breach of Wells Fargo accounts or systems – the fraudsters do not have personally identifiable customer account information and have not gained access to customer accounts," Marshall said. "This fraud is specific to unauthorized debit card transactions. As we identify fraudulent transactions, we take quick action to stop the activity and prevent it from happening again, and we are fully reimbursing our customers for fraudulent transactions."

A number of victims wasn't available.

Marshall said she couldn't give out details as they are investigating, but said Wells Fargo is reimbursing customers who have been impacted by the unauthorized transactions.

Despite the reimbursement, Garner says she's worried this could happen again and said she is considering closing her Wells Fargo account and has already closed her Amazon account.

Marshall said Wells Fargo believes those committing the fraud only have access to the debit cards, not customers' bank accounts.

Customers with concerns are asked to call Wells Fargo’s 24-hour Phone Bank at 1-800-TO-WELLS (small business customers: 1-800-CALL-WELLS).

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