Weekend: Rain and snow are coming


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Sunday will be a messy day across Virginia, and slippery roads could cause driving problems.

We will be tracking a mix of rain, sleet and snow across our area this weekend. Though frigid, Saturday will be okay for travelling.

Rain and snow will develop late Saturday night and Sunday morning, and Sunday morning could be a slippery mess on roads.

A wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow will all be possible as the freezing line sets up across our area.

The most likely locations for measurable snow are west and north of Lynchburg, 2” to 5” snow totals are possible along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Snow totals in the Lynchburg area will likely be under 2”, and totals of zero are possible if temperature are too warm-- this is not a "sure thing" for snow!

Southside and locations east of Lynchburg (toward Farmville) will receive little to zero snow.

Sleet could also be a problem.

All precipitation will transition from snow to sleet to rain by Sunday afternoon as temperatures warm above freezing.

Bottomline: The exact freezing line, whether it’s to the west, on top of, or east of Lynchburg is uncertain at this time, but we are confident in a 100% chance of precipitation.

Sunday will be a day you’ll want to be indoors all day!

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