Watching your wallet: Where is your money going when you donate to charities?

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - ABC 13 is taking a look at where your money goes when you donate it to a charity helping with disaster relief.

A majority of the money is going to the people in need according to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Both say it's money they will need with the devastation these storms are leaving.

"Your dollars are going to folks who need it," Michelle McCormick, the executive director of the Blue Ridge Red Cross, says.

"We do a lot feeding. We provide cleanup kits, certain cleaning supplies and hygiene products. We provide all kinds of things that people are needing immediately to get back to normal," Trey Jones, captain of the Lynchburg Salvation Army, explains.

When you donate, 92 cents on the dollar goes to disaster relief for the Red Cross and all 100 percent for the Salvation Army, as long as you tell them it's for disaster relief.

"We care about the community," says McCormick. "We care about what we're doing and we want to care about you. We're so thankful for all the dollars."

The Red Cross says their hundreds of shelters can cost almost $5,000 a piece to run.

You can also go online to check a charity if you have any questions.

The website,, rated the Red Cross an 83.33 out of 100. The rate is based on finances, accountability, and transparency. There is not enough data from the Salvation Army to be on the page.

They say the disaster relief efforts will be something these organizations will not be done with in the near future.

"We will be working with survivors of this disaster long after people are done thinking about the disaster," says Jones.

While on the site ABC 13 also checked the Concord based Gleaning for the World. They have a score of 85.57. The Rescue Mission in Roanoke scored a 90.89.

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