VT professor offers Game of Thrones course

VT professor offers Game of Thrones course

BLACKSBURG, VA -- Forget HBO, how about watching the show Game of Thrones in class?

That's just what Virginia Tech associate professor Matthew Gabriele offered. Over the winter session, Gabriele held a course on the popular TV show.

The course counted for credit under the religion and culture department.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Not so much. While part of the class is watching the show, but there's a lot more too it. "Everything that we see that has this, these kind of fantastical creatures- orks, demons, dragons, stuff like that, it all seems to have this kind of medieval setting. It has a lot to do with how the middle ages are perceived in the modern world. And so we take Game of Thrones as kind of a launching point to examine, well where to these ideas come from," explained Gabriele. Students also explore why that fantasy aspect remains a part of the perception of the middle ages in the modern era.

Gabriele says that some of the students are avid fans of the popular show, but some haven't seen it. He's taught the course two times, and says that both times, students have been excited for this unique take on learning.

This course isn't being offered for the spring semester. However, Gabriele says he will be teaching it again, maybe even for a full semester course.

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