Church Turns Basement Into Free Supply Store For Tornado Victims

Evergreen Baptist Church turns their basement into a free supply store for tornado victims

Appomattox, VA (WSET) -- We saw how strong the tornado that hit Appomattox was on Wednesday, but now we are seeing just how strong the community is.

It's going to be a long road to recovery, but volunteers at Evergreen Baptist Church are doing everything they can to ease the pain of their journey.

Volunteer Dana Ranson says the damage to her hometown hasn't fully sunk in.

"It's the quaintest community, it's the friendliest community, and it's just so sad to see the construction that's taken place," she says.

She and countless other volunteers wanted victims to know they are not alone, so they turned the basement of the church into a free supply store.

"There are people that have been coming in and they've lost everything, and they're just coming in to get some basics," said Ranson.

"They're able to grab totes, and grab whatever necessities they need," says fellow volunteer John Williford, gesturing to the mountain of supplies behind him.

Dana's husband Craig Ranson walks outside to show mini-trailers stocked with even more necessities.

"We've got shovels, we've got diesel generators, we've got power cords," he says. "We've even got people that are certified and able to make the connections."

"We've got the town covered," says Williford. "Personal hygiene products, plates, paper towels whatever you need."

Putting the homes and lives back together will take time, but helping hands make light work.

"This is one small way I can give back to the community and help the folks that are coworkers of mine and employees of mine," said Craig Ranson.

"There's no doubt that they're going to build it back up," says Dana with a hopeful smile. "It's going to take some time, but they're going to make it special again."

The team of volunteers say they aren't taking donations at the time because they already have plenty- but they are asking everyone to spread the word about their services. They want these items to go into the hands of people that need them.

If you or someone you know needs supplies as a result of the tornado, you can find the Evergreen Baptist Church at 472 White Pine Dr, Appomattox, VA 24522. The church is open from 8am-7:30pm.*

(*Please be aware that you must currently have a special pass to get into Evergreen. If you are a victim or a family member of a victim in need of supplies and you don't have a pass yet, you may get yours at the Old Thomasville Building at 310 Founder's Lane in Appomattox.)

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