VMI prepares to honor alum Ralph Northam in Inaugural Parade

VMI Cadets get their uniforms checked before Saturday's Inaugural Parade. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

LEXINGTON, Va. (WSET) -- In cold and dreary conditions, students at VMI practiced for Saturday's inaugural parade.

Senior, Kate Dixon said, "It kind of builds on each other from inauguration 4 years ago, to the one last year, to the one this year. They just get better every year."

This year's will be extra special, as the Cadets celebrate class of 1981 alum Ralph Northam.

Senior Matthew Esnardo remarked, "I think the fact that he wears the VMI ring and the fact that he represents who we are as a corps and what we hope to be later on after graduation definitely makes it an exciting factor."

University spokesperson Colonel Stewart MacInnis said Governor-Elect Northam is a great role model for the current cadets, saying "When he was here as a cadet he was Commander of the Second Battalion which is an honor in itself, but he was also elected as the Honor Corp."

During the parade, Dixon says she'll will be thinking about not just Governor-elect Northam, but also his legacy at VMI. She explained, "I think it's a pretty cool thing to show that you don't just have to come and join the military after joining VMI, it shows the different job opportunities for all cadets."

But her first job- making sure everything goes smoothly on Saturday.

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