"Virginity Rocks" shirt lands one Va. teen in the office

Photo: Demetrius Jackson via WVEC

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WSET) - One high school student was reportedly sent to the office for wearing a shirt that said "Virginity Rocks."

Cidney Jackson, a 16-year-old Woodside High School student, told WVEC she was walking to class on Wednesday, November 8, when a teacher stopped and asked to read her shirt.

"When I showed it to her she said it was slightly inappropriate and I should go see someone to see if I should be put in ISS or not," Jackson told WVEC.

The teen went to the office and was eventually sent back to class.

Jackson called her mom, Demetrius Jackson, who was upset with what happened.

"I thought it was strange. For a young lady to not be ashamed of her virginity it's a positive thing," Jackson told WVEC.

WVEC reached out to Woodside High School officials, and reports the school is still looking into the situation.

"You shouldn't be afraid people know you have it, it's not a bad thing, it's not lame," Cidney said, adding "Yeah, I'm wearing it [the shirt] again and I'm going to rock it.

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