Virginia Zoo mourns death of 2-week-old giraffe

    Baby G. (

    NORFOLK, Va. (WSET) -- The Virginia Zoo is mourning the loss of two-week-old giraffe, Baby G, WAVY reports.

    The Zoo says made the announcement Saturday, saying Baby G started to lose his appetite and had a change in behavior on Wednesday. Zoo officials quickly realized, this and worked to try to nurse Baby G back to health.

    "Our calf was given every viable option to help him, including antibiotics, fluids, and plasma transfusions - which help to boost the immune systems of neonate giraffe calves that don't nurse from their mothers right away," Norfolk Zoo officials said.

    They say newborn giraffes typically have a fragile immune system, and Baby G was suffering from a weak immune system.

    The Zoo said they appreciated the support from the community, as well as the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, who provided the plasma for the transfusion.

    Laura Siebert, a fan of the giraffe, exhibit was shocked by the news of Baby G's death.

    "It's very sad. I know they want to have the babies to continue to help the species cause they are endangered and it's just sad when one can't survive," Siebert told WAVY. "I know their gestational period is so long that you know it could be a while again before they have another calf, so it is sad."

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