Virginia Tech celebrates first ever Frenemies Day

During the original Frenemies Project, two Virginia Tech students discuss and learn from each other. (Photo: Virginia Tech)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) -- November 9, 2016 marks the first ever Frenemies Day.

Created by Virginia Tech professor Todd Schenk, Frenemies Day is a chance to make up with all the people who made you mad during the campaign season.

To celebrate the day, Virginia Tech held an drop-in Frenemies Day to give former friends a chance to hash things out and empathize with each other.

Schenk explained, "We encourage people to have the actual conversation face to face because it's really easy on social media to de-friend somebody or worse, right, to spam them or whatever. Whereas, when you meet somebody face to face, even if you really fundamentally disagree with them, you kind of have to appreciate each other's humanity."

On his website, Schenk has posted the instructions to host your own Frenemies event.

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