Virginia ranks 34th for teacher salaries, school strikes a possibility for next year

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    VIRGINIA (WSET) - In 2016 Virginia teachers made an average of $49,690. This year they made an average of $51,049. That's a 2.7 percent increase.

    However, with the increase they only jumped one spot from being ranked 35th for teacher salaries in the 2016 school year, to being ranked 34th for the 2017 school year. The data is according to the National Education Association.

    "It's low," said Karl Loos, the Lynchburg Education Association president. "I mean it's been too low."

    Loos said the ranking isn't accurate when you look locally. He explained teachers on the eastern half of Virginia usually make more, increasing the average. "We're below the state average by about $7,000 and the state average is below the national average by about $6,000."

    He said both the state and localities take on the responsibility of teacher pay.

    The low pay could impact your child.

    ABC 13 asked Loos if we could see strikes in Virginia next school year and he said it is a possibility. He added that the Virginia Education Association is working with the state superintendents and school boards to get approval and see if a strike could happen if needed.

    "We don't want to go on strike. We want to be in the classrooms. We want to do our jobs and we want to do it well. We just want to be adequately compensated for it."

    Here is a look at teacher salaries across Virginia by locality.

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