GoFundMe created for retired couple, dog saved from fire in Buena Vista

(Thomas and Lovie Atkinson Fund/Go Fund Me)

BUENA VISTA, Va. (AP) -- A Go Fund Me has been created for a family rescued from a fire in Buena Vista.

A Police officer rushed into a burning home and rescued a retired couple. Then he ran back into the blaze to find their dog.

Buena Vista Police Officer Jacob Moore arrived at Lovie Atkinson's home last week and found her inside screaming for her dog, Zoey. Moore said that he got Lovie Atkinson outside and went back inside to get Thomas Atkinson, who had been asleep in the basement.

Moore's body camera shows he then dashed back into the house yelling for Zoey, who began barking. He found the small dog and reunited the family. Moore doesn't have firefighter training, but the small town's police officers and firefighters often help each other out. He says he dashed inside simply because he thought the Atkinsons needed help.

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