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Virginia mother of bullied daughter helps create anti-bullying license plate

(Parents Against Bullying; Shant'a Miller)
(Parents Against Bullying; Shant'a Miller)
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HAMPTON, Va. (WSET) - Shanta Miller is a passionate mother with a cause and that is about anti-bullying awareness. She's trying to spread her message across the state of Virginia and hoping others get on board.

Shanta wants to put her anti-bullying logo on the Virginia license plate, as originally reported by WVEC.

After her daughter, Iyana, was attacked back in 2010, she became an active member of the cause which inspired her to create and lead, "Parents Against Bullying."

"I think she's a super hero. That's how I see her," said Iyana, who's proud of the work her mother has done for the cause.

Iyana was brutally attacked in the school bus by her bully for 17 minutes to the head. This lead to her daughter suffering seizure attacks for 2 and a half years where she would experience episodes five out of the seven days in a week.

At the time, she was 11 years old. 7 years later, her daughter has fortunately recovered and is doing better.

"It's a blessing that my daughter is still here and not every parent can say that, especially after an attack like that," said Shanta.

Today, mother and daughter are working together to share their message in hopes it inspires others to support their cause.

Shanta created the petition on Monday (Nov. 27th) of this week and within a matter of 8 hours her 400 signature limit was surpassed to 1,500.

They have the support of Senator Mamie Locke. Now, they just need the 450 pre-orders so a bill can be drafted and it can be passed at the next General Assembly.

With the success of the movement, she sold her salon a year ago and dedicated her time to giving back to this important topic.

"It's not just about the victims. It's also about the bullies. They're people too and they need help," said the mother who volunteers in her spare time to a detention center for children to address topics like entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, etc.

To learn more and help the cause, click here for more information.

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