Virginia Distillery Co. allowing customers to buy their own cask


LOVINGSTON, Va. (WSET) -- How would you like to own your own cask of whiskey? Or at least part of one? Virginia Distillery Co. is helping people do just that.

“It got started because we wanted to offer people the rare opportunity to own a barrel of our American single malt whiskey, it's whiskey that is not on the market yet,” Cask Society Concierge, Emma Stotz said.

Meaning you get the bottles, before they go to retail. The offer started as the Cask Society a year ago. Individuals, friends or family can pitch in to purchase a full cask before the aging process.

“For your own cask it is $9990,” Stotz said.

It’s a hefty price, but many who were visiting the distillery Wednesday say they thought it was a good idea.

“I think that is such an amazing idea, to get the community involved with the distillery,” Shara Seetaram said, who was visiting from Lynchburg. “They are a part of what is being produced and you get to take directly from the barrel, and not just a bottle off the shelf.”

“It’s kind of like raising a child, your raising whiskey and watching it get the color, and get the different nuances and smell, so it's just really unique,” Stotz said.

For that price of $9990, you get 250 bottles of American single malt. Still too much? Well now, they're getting ready to kick-off the Cask Club this program would cost you $995 for a guaranteed 24 bottles.

“We are hopefully launching that in the next week or so,” Stotz said.

Emma Stotz says in total you'd be paying about half of what the retail value is for each bottle of whiskey. Bottles range between $69-$89 at retail price.

“It just a really unique opportunity,” Stotz said.

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