Virginia anti-hate group trying to increase understanding between all groups

Cover photo for Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (Facebook)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- An anti-hate group founded in Lynchburg said it's been receiving overwhelming numbers of calls for help in the last week.

The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities said the calls are coming in from communities all over the state.

In statements, the president of the non-profit said the election spotlighted deep divisions in our country and now businesses and schools are asking the VCIC for help in trying to heal that divide.

The non-profit operates out of Richmond now, but it was founded at Lynchburg College to combat anti Antisemitism and anti-Catholicism. The mission of VCIC is to repair bullying, bias, and conflict on any level, from gender bias, to racism to harassment toward immigrants.

One recent example of increased harassment VCIC explained was of a white elementary school child wanting to become president so he could "kill all the black people."

VCIC said its mission is to stay out of politics and to increase understanding between all groups of people. "Whatever your political persuasion is people feel the same about bias and predjudice and we feel like that it's a destructive force that prevents organizations whether they be schools or businesses from succeeding from being their strongest," said Jim Wright, the VCIC chapter president.

Though the majority of the incidents reported have happened in Hampton Roads, VCIC says some are happening in our area.

But, the group reports a decrease in discipline referrals from one participating middle school within a year.

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